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Welcome to the Deltae wiki. Here we will explain all the aspects that have to do with the quality analysis of image digitization.

To get started, first log in by registering with the button in the menu! You are not able to use this website and upload images and review quality if you have not logged in. After you register, you will find one image in your Scans view so you can experience yourself how Deltae works.

What is Deltae?

Deltae is a one-of-a-kind and entirely free though professional service for image quality assessments. After registration, you are able to upload as many images as you want. We already provide one sample image so you can see how it works.

In order to improve your image quality, you have to know where you stand. You can't rely on your display, you have to look at the numbers. In an average quality assessment, this runs into a few thousand numbers that describe your quality. Next, you have to relate them. To automate this process, we came up with this platform. Take an image of your test target, upload it to this website, and you're off. Image quality improvement starts here!

Image on how to use Deltae

By definition, Delta-E (ΔE) is the scientific metric that describes the distance between two colors. The capital "E" stands for Empfindung, the German word for sensation. With the Greek character Delta (Δ), the difference is denoted. So a ΔE describes how your senses relate two colors.

On this website, you can assess how well your digital image represents how it looks in reality. For this we use test/calibration-targets that have to be present in your image, which we will compare to their reference (how they look in reality). In this way, we can obtain your image's average ΔE. But there is more to assess in image quality like lighting uniformity, geometry, resolution, sharpness, oversharpening, color misregistration. We can assess all of these metrics, if you just upload your photograph containing one or more test-targets.

Image quality assessments can be difficult and expensive, but we just made it easier than sending an e-mail: take a picture of a test target, and drop it on this website. In the quality display you can choose from three displays: Simple, Normal and Pro. Image quality improvement starts here.

Why use Deltae?

The platform offers unmatched functionality and versatility. Next to the fact that its usage is free of charge, it provides the first centralized database with image quality information. It is also the first system to automatically incorporate the read-out of QR-codes. Though the QR-code serial number, it can identify which unique target it is reading out, so that it can relate it with its real reference values you have submitted on the site, instead of a general average of the same target type.

Image on how to use QR codes in Deltae

Who is Deltae?

This website is funded by Picturae, a large European digitization company. Producing tens of thousands of images each day, this is the most efficient and convenient way to maintain the highest image quality. Delta-E is built on knowledge acquired through years of experience and experts in the field of digital imaging.

Tutorial / FAQ

First time? Samples of how to use Deltae.

Which test targets are supported?

Which data/file-types are supported?

How should I place my target(s) in my image?

Image Quality Guidelines

Our Deltae Agenda/Roadmap

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