Kodak Color Separation Guide

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extreme low usage (<<0.1%) of this outdated target, it is not supported anymore in Delt.ae .

The Kodak Color Control Patches, or Kodak Color Separation Guide is a image quality target with 18 (colored) patches. It is similar in shape as the Kodak Gray Scale, with which it is frequently used in combination. Kodak states this target helps the photographer compare the color of the subject with known printing colors, and help the operator identify color separation negatives and positives for color reproduction processes. With the introduction of digital photography, the popularity of this target has declined.

Technical Specifications

The target has a half toned set of colors, notably CMYK and RGB. There are two versions: the Q13 and the Q14. The former is the small size (8") and the Q14 is the larger target with a length of approximately 14". Contrary to the Kodak Gray Scale, it also contains a ruler for size reference.

Image Q13 (8") KCCP
2000 Q13 Tiffen/Kodak Color Control Patches
Image Q14 (14") KCCP
1997 Q14 Eastman Kodak Color Control Patches

Approximate Reference Values

The following reference table contains the approximate values of all the patches of the target. It is likely that the actual values of your target differ from these values.

All the values are in CIE-Lab, with a D50 daylight illuminant and 2 degree observer.

# L* a* b*
Blue (light) 70.21 7.76 -17.45
Cyan (light) 83.75 -14.39 -14.39
Green (light) 81.36 -19.58 12.76
Yellow (light) 95.39 -2.65 32.14
Red (light) 78.16 23.4 19.62
Magenta (light) 80.04 25.27 -3.11
White (top) 97.54 0.18 1.098
3/Color (light) 69.39 3.57 1.81
Black (light) 69.31 0.19 2.17
Blue (dark) 29.38 16.77 -43.51
Cyan (dark) 60.56 -38.15 -43.71
Green (dark) 53.21 -62.01 26.74
Yellow (dark) 91.64 -2.46 89.91
Red (dark) 49.07 68.83 38.51
Magenta (dark) 50.95 72.63 -3.11
White (bottom) 97.54 0.18 1.098
3/Color (dark) 28.21 -0.22 -9.15
Black (dark) 23.97 0.18 1.21