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Deltae is under active development. Keep uploading files! The more files you upload, the more robust the platform will get.

Roadmap / Agenda

Date version Description
November 1st 2012 RC 2.0
October 1st 2012 RC 1.0 First stable fully featured release.
September 1st 2012 Beta Bugfixes and feature requests solved, adding support IT8 target, and the 0.5x and 2x GTO target.
June 14th 2012 Alpha Release at IS&T Conference - Archiving 2012.

Feature Requests


Requested on Implemented on Description
20-06-2012 11-07-2012 The Golden Thread Device Level Target entirely rotation invariant.
15-06-2012 02-07-2012 Possibility to generate a custom ICC profile and download the .icc file, computed from your targets RGB' and the reference Lab values.
30-06-2012 01-07-2012 Thumbnails in the GUI are hard-converted to sRGB so they look identical to your source image.
29-06-2012 30-06-2012 Support for custom colorprofile (.icc) support. Any embedded profiles present in the image will be used.
23-06-2012 23-06-2012 Added "None" as a guideline.
21-06-2012 22-06-2012 Added Metamorfoze Light guideline.
15-06-2012 17-06-2012 Added support for alpha version of the Near Neutral Target by Don Williams (ISa).

On the TODO list

Date Requested Our Priority Description
02-07-2012 med Visualization of the maximum DeltaE in the scan view.
30-06-2012 high Make a proper and catchy introduction video on the main page.
27-06-2012 high Generation of output both human and machine readable, for example a PDF or XML download of the results.
27-06-2012 med The possibility to compare two uploads with eachother in more detail than just the scans table.
26-06-2012 low Support for the Ieee 12233 slanted edges target.
25-06-2012 low Support for the IT8 target.
17-06-2012 med Support for the 0.5x and 2.0x Golden Thread Device level targets.
17-06-2012 med Support for the transparent 'Don Williams' slanted edge target.
15-06-2012 low Identification of the color-content of your collection through an upload of representative files.
15-06-2012 low Based on the relevant color-content, the guidelines will only judge these relevant colors (Delta-E encoding). E.g. If your collection does not contain baby-blue, it will disregard this color. Instead, it will put a heavy weightfactor on colors that are in your collection. This will (an can only) be done with ISa's Near Neutral target (to be announced) that contains hundreds of Munsell color patches. Read more on this idea on IS&T's website, Targeting for Important Color Content: Near Neutrals and Pastels.
10-06-2012 high Make the option that targets have to be rotated either 90 deg CW or CCW