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In order to serialize the different test targets that have been put in the images, and uniquely identify them, we support the use of QR-codes. They work as depicted in the figure below.


When your target has been identified without a serial number, we compare the color values of your test target with those of the average test target of the same type, or otherwise the values that the manufacturer intended then to be. Since it is possible that the values of your unique target are (slightly) different, you can make your own unique reference for your target, and that target can be matched with the reference values in our database through the QR code, and the reference values you have entered.

Making your own unique reference

You have to acquire the data you need to make a reference yourself. You should do this with a good spectro- or colorimeter that measures the values in Lab, with a D50 Illuminant and a 2 degree observer.

Entering the reference on Deltae

The reference values can be entered on the website, in the management menu choose to create a reference for your target, and enter the values. The L* values should be within a {0-100} value range, the a* and b* coordinates within {-128:128}. Using the save button you can save the data. If you wish to save intermediate results, you can fill in zeros for the values you have not yet entered, as the form does not accept empty cells. You can change the values you have entered at any later time.

Printing and placing the QR-code

The QR-Code can be printed from the reference management menu on the Deltae website. Its size should be sufficient compared to the size of the actual test target. Cut out the printed target loosely and put it on or underneath the target (see next paragraph for the suggested location).

Location of the QR-code

To standardize the use of the QR-codes somewhat, we will only read the QR code when it has been placed directly below, or on, the test-target. Where it should be placed varies with target. Below is a table in which the suggested location of the QR code should be per target type.

Target name QR-Code location
Inside Below
Kodak Gray Scale No Yes
Kodak Color Separation Guide No Yes
ColorChecker No Yes
Digital ColorChecker SG No Yes
Golden Thread Device Level Target Yes No
Golden Thread Object Level Target No Yes
Universal Test Target Yes No
Scan Reference Chart No Yes