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The processor supports various file formats that can be read. This goes for file format (or extension), as well as compression, bitdepth, colorspace and (RGB) color profiles.

Supported Fileformats

The table below shows the data types that are tested to work with the system.

File formats
Bit Depths
24 bit (8-bit color) 48 bit (16-bit color)

Supported Colortypes

Color Spaces

We currently have not enabled support for other direct input (f.e. CMYK or Lab) of other color spaces, because RGB is used most often in digital photography as present in the RGB Bayer filter on photographic sensors.

Reference White Points (Illuminants)
A B C D50 D55 D65 D75 E F

(RGB) Color ICC Profiles
Name All embedded profiles. Both custom and standard.
Version All up to the latest ICC v4.3 standard

When no Colorspace is found in the EXIF information, the system defaults to sRGB as this is most commonly used for digital images. Although the Adobe profile is also very popular with professionals, we expect professional equipment to adequately store the color profile, hence not leading to existent color profile information.

As requested by one of our users, we now support all profiles. Not only the standard ones (sRGB, Adobe(1998), etc) and we now just use the profile that is embedded in the image.

File/Usage Limits

Currently the limitations are very liberal. As this service runs on multiple locations (redundant), we have a very high capacity.

Current Limitations
256 Mb/file 100 files/hour 4 files/upload